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Membership General

Civil Service Club welcome all public officers working in the Singapore public service, retired Singapore public officers and the general public to join us.

With one Membership, you have access to Three Clubhouses and enjoy Three distinct experiences. Changi Clubhouse, the costal playground by the sea, offers you a beautiful staycation getaway; Tessensohn Clubhouse is a town club with complete MICE facilities for your parties, corporate events and classes while Bukit Batok Clubhouse, the hilltop oasis, boasts of a two-tier swimming pool packed with fun water features.

As a Member, you also get to enjoy the following:
  1. Supplementary Membership for your immediate parents, spouse and children ( between 5 and 21 years) at no additional membership subscriptions.
  2. The widest choice of over 60 social and recreational activities offered by a private social club on a monthly basis.
  3. Subsidized Club events like our Movie Treats, Dinner & Dance, Sports and Family Day, Run by the Bay and many more.
  4. Members' rates for the booking of Changi Chalets, facilities and social activities.
  5. Members' rates for parking at the Clubhouses.
  6. Free access to all our swimming pools.
The following types of membership are available:
Subscription Fee Eligibility
Ordinary Officers of substantive grade OSO III to OSO V (or equivalent): $3.00 per month

All other officers: $6.00 per month
All Public Officers
Ordinary (Retired) Officers of substantive grade OSO III to OSO V (or equivalent): $36.00 per year

All other officers: $72.00 per year
Any Public Officer who retired from the Civil Service
Associate $300/year Any Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
Supplementary Free (A one-time administrative fee of $10 per Supplementary Membership card is payable) Parents, Spouse and unmarried children between ages 5 and 21
* Please note that all membership schemes have a minimum commitment of 12 months

General guidelines given below can be used to determine the subscription fee:

$6 per month (Ordinary) / $72 per year (Ordinary Retired)
  • • Hospitals - Doctors, Nurses, Medical, Allied Health Professions, Admin and Ancillary staff
  • • Statutory Boards - Executive and Clerical staff
  • • Uniformed Groups - Corporal and above

$3 per month (Ordinary) / $36 per year (Ordinary Retired)
  • • Uniformed Groups - L/Corporal and below


The minimum commitment for CSC membership is 12 months.

Resignation must be given in writing, giving two months' notice. Please note that there will be no refund for any payment made in advance upon resignation.

The Club has the right to recover any outstanding fees owing to the Club.