An unassuming little treat that started a store

Biscotti Bakery is a small, unassuming store nestled cozily in Tessensohn Road, a 5 minutes’ walk from Farrer Park MRT.  It has been at Civil Service Club at Tessensohn for the past 5 years, quietly building up quite a loyal following.  Biscotti Bakery is a true gem for those that love pastries, especially for its namesake - biscotti.  For those unaware, biscotti is an Italian almond biscuit that originated in the Tuscan city of Prato.  They are twice baked, usually oblong-shaped, dry and crunchy.  These delectable treats are usually dipped in a hot drink.  If you are wondering how delicious these little biscuits could be, just check out the rave reviews on Google from those who have found this treasure.




Mixing in the right ingredients to create the perfect path


Creating these little biscuits is Cindy Foo, a petite woman in stature who really packs a lot of love in her baking and relatability in her interactions.  Helmed from a family of bakers, Cindy loved visually pleasing aesthetics and loved handmade products, a trait that doesn’t stray far from her upbringing, and so she found that baking came naturally to her.



Asked why of all the wonderful repertoire in the pastry world did she decide that biscotti was going to be her forte?  She replied “After trying out the recipe, I thought it was something truly fascinating, simple but different.  The ingredients were all so simple yet this biscuit can turn out different if certain factors are different.”  She decided she would devote her efforts to perfecting the recipe. 


The secret ingredient

Cindy's emphasis on quality and her commitment to using only natural ingredients undoubtedly sets her apart in the world of baking. It's refreshing to see someone prioritize authenticity and taste over shortcuts or artificial additives. Her dedication to freshness ensures that her pastries are always a delight to enjoy.




But perhaps what truly sets Cindy apart is her personal touch. In an age where interactions can often feel transactional, Cindy's genuine and warm demeanour shines through, creating a connection with her customers that goes beyond just selling pastries. It's this personal connection that keeps her customers coming back, even from across the globe.  


When asked what her secret ingredient is, her reply was both candid and earnest, “My secret ingredient is being personable”. Indeed, her customers come from far and wide, from Japan, Taiwan and even Hawaii.  She doesn’t really know how they came to know of her biscotti but suspects that customers gifted them to their overseas friends and so became known to them offshores.   


It's clear that Cindy's success isn't just about her baking skills—it's also about her ability to forge meaningful connections and create a welcoming atmosphere wherever she goes.



Behind the scenes to creating perfection

Cindy's dedication to creating not just a bakery, but a warm and inviting atmosphere for her customers is evident in every corner of Biscotti Bakery. Her love for decorating and her pursuit of various handmade endeavours adds a personal touch to the space, making it more than just a place to buy pastries—it's a haven of creativity and comfort.



Her willingness to continuously learn and improve, whether it's through attending courses or seeking help when needed, speaks volumes about her character. It's refreshing to see someone who isn't afraid to admit when they need assistance and who embraces the learning process with humility and determination.


Despite her success and the variety of flavours she offers, it's heartening to hear that Cindy's original almond biscotti remains her top seller. It's a testament to the timeless appeal of a classic recipe done right and Cindy's commitment to delivering quality and consistency to her customers.



Cindy's journey is not just about baking—it's about growth, creativity, and the joy of sharing something handmade and heartfelt with others. And it's these qualities that continue to endear her to both her customers and those she meets along the way.


Returning to what was never lost in the first place


Cindy's journey from a hobbyist baker to a successful business owner is truly inspiring. It's heartening to see her find balance in her life, prioritizing time with her family and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while still pursuing her passion for baking and entrepreneurship.



Her willingness to expand her business, whether through pop-up stores at malls or by offering baking classes, demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit and her desire to share her love for baking with others. The fully equipped cookery studio at CSC @ Tessensohn provides her with a perfect opportunity to do just that, and her enthusiasm for passing on her knowledge and joy is infectious.


“If you have the passion, go for it” is Cindy’s advice. 




Cindy's dedication to constantly evolving and improving herself and her recipes is admirable. Despite baking being her constant love, she understands the importance of growth and transformation, both in baking and in life itself. Her journey embodies the sentiment expressed by Barbara Kafka—that baking is about transformation, turning ideas into something real.


As Cindy continues to evolve and expand her business, it's clear that her passion for baking will remain at the heart of everything she does. Her story is a testament to the power of following one's passion and the joy that comes from sharing that passion with others.



All pictures courtesy of Biscotti Bakery.



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