Mr Lawrence Ku, founder of Kult Bespoke, brings us into the world of handcrafted creation, where your unique leather accessory comes to life. 


There's an undeniable charm in high-end leather goods from luxury brands, often reflected in their hefty price tags. Yet, there's something deeply rewarding about crafting something beautiful with your own hands.


That's the spirit behind Kult Bespoke, a handcrafted leather goods creator. Since 2012, founder Mr Lawrence Ku and his team have been demystifying leather artistry through engaging workshops organised by the brand’s leather craft school, Kult Atelier.


In our conversation with Mr Ku, he shares why joining a Kult Atelier leather crafting workshop is a rich, immersive experience that stays with you long after the session ends.



#1: Learn a new skill 

Leather crafting is more than a pastime — it's a passion that requires both heart and skill. Mr Ku has witnessed this awakening first-hand, noting that more people have been trying their hand at leather crafting in recent years.


For newcomers, Mr Ku recommends the workshop on making a “weaver pouch” – a term he coined because the design does not require stitching. “The interlocking segments of leather look like an interesting weave pattern. It also makes the pouch strong enough to hold itself together and gives a great tactile feel when held in the hand,” he says. This beginner-friendly design serves as an engaging introduction to the craft, paving the way for the mastery of more sophisticated techniques.


The journey of learning a new skill is full of surprises. Mr Ku shares that while many beginner leather crafters initially signed up for a one-off experience, some have since bloomed into avid hobbyists and even part-time makers who sell their own creations. “I have groups of stay-home mums and housewives who rent my space on a regular basis just to make gifts for their friends,” says Mr Ku. “They churn out dozens of desk mats, coasters, luggage tags and other custom designs to give away as birthday and Christmas gifts.”



#2: Cultivate an appreciation for bespoke leather

is the secret ingredient to creating something extraordinary. “When you are learning to craft, ask questions, be creative, try something out of the box, and most importantly – take your time to create,” advises Mr Ku. 


Many who have attended his workshops have echoed a common revelation: while crafting leather is a laborious process, it is also a highly therapeutic experience. “It’s cathartic to see your creation take shape, and it’s a great stress reliever in a fast-paced society like Singapore,” Mr Ku explains. “What surprises many first-time crafters is that with patience and mindfulness, they can actually make something beautiful.” 



#3: Create one-of-a-kind accessories

In addition to weaver pouch, Kult Atelier also runs workshops for making luggage tag and label combo, as well as passport clutch. These travel essentials are especially popular with jet-setters. “The most common feedback I get from returning participants is that the customised luggage tags have helped them to easily spot their carry-on baggage in the airplane’s overhead compartments and their check-in luggage on the carousel,” says Mr Ku. “They make for great conversation starters, too.” 


The real magic happens in the myriad choices participants have. From selecting the hue of the leather to adding a splash of paint or embossing their initials with hot-stamping, every creation is as unique as the maker. 



#4: Engage in a sustainable pursuit

Who knew fashion could be kind to the planet? Mr Ku shares that leather crafting is not just an artistic endeavour but a sustainable practice as well. Leather — particularly those sourced from bovines (an animal group that includes cows, buffaloes, bulls and calves) — often comes into play after their meat has been used, thus minimising waste.


When compared to plastic-based materials like PVC, leather stands out for its durability. “With the right care (regular cleaning and conditioning), a leather bag or pouch can last a lifetime,” says Mr Ku.



#5: Bond over leather

Another charm of leather crafting lies in its power to bring people together “It’s not culturally or linguistically dependent. It has a very low barrier to entry – all you need is the desire to make something, and to be okay with working with your hands,” says Mr Ku.


The youngest participant of the Kult Atelier leather crafting workshop was a six-year-old girl accompanied by her mother; while the oldest was a 65-year-old man who wanted to make leather gifts for his grandchildren. “I have retirees coming in to keep their hands and minds active, and young professionals wanting to unwind by making bags or watch straps for themselves or their partners,” says Mr Ku. “Leather crafting is something that everyone of all ages and walks of life can do.”


Ready to stitch, burnish, and emboss your way to a personal masterpiece? Take part in Kult Atelier’s upcoming leather crafting workshops, which are open to CSC members, Public Service Officers and guests.


Leather Crafting – Weaver Pouch
When: Saturday, 13 April and Sunday, 28 July 2024
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Where: Kult Kartel Pte Ltd
here at least three weeks before the session.


Leather Crafting – Luggage Duo 
When: Saturday , 11 May 2024
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Where: Kult Kartel Pte Ltd
here at least three weeks before the session.


Leather Crafting – Travel Set 
When: Sunday 16 June 2024
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Where: Kult Kartel Pte Ltd
here at least three weeks before the session. 

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