CoWork@Gov, a WOG co-working initiative, has become a cornerstone of flexible work arrangements and is reshaping the work experience exclusively for public service officers. Launched in 2022, CoWork@Gov serves as a transitional area for meetings, offering an alternative and collaborative workspace for inter-agency meetings. Since then, CoWork@Gov has expanded to 29 sites from 20 agencies, with key partners like the Civil Service Club (CSC).


Operating within the CSC clubhouses at Tessensohn and Changi, these dedicated spaces offer a unique blend of premium amenities, strategic locations, and exclusivity tailored to the needs of public service officers. Let’s explore the features that make CoWork@Gov a distinctive co-working solution for those who serve the public.


CSC @ Tessensohn



Set within CSC @ Tessensohn clubhouse, CoWork@Gov provides an exclusive co-working space crafted to cater to the requirements of public service officers seeking a conducive working environment in the town area. Opened in September 2023 with 8 workstations, there has since been more than 500 bookings.


  • Exclusivity for Public Service Officers


CoWork@Gov is reserved exclusively for public service officers, creating a focused and collaborative environment tailored to the specific requirements of government professionals. Ms Lin Xinyi, who frequents CSC @ Tessensohn, highlights the initiatives’ role in supporting flexible work arrangements, allowing public officers to balance work commitments with family responsibilities effectively.


"I use the CoWork@Gov workspace at Tessensohn Clubhouse 2-3 times a week. Often times, my home might not be favourable as there could be noisy works in the estate. The CoWork@Gov workspace at CSC @ Tessensohn provides a conducive environment for me to work peacefully and comfortably. It is also convenient for me as I stay near to it," said Ms Lin, who oversees grants policy and strategies at Tote Board.


Co-Work@Gov at CSC @ Tessensohn.


  • Strategic Location


The central location of CSC @ Tessensohn ensures accessibility for public service officers from various government agencies. The proximity to key business districts enhances convenience, allowing officers to collaborate seamlessly. Furthermore, officers who are members of the club can enjoy subsidised parking rates available at all clubhouses.


  • Premium Amenities


Tessensohn is the first CSC clubhouse to feature a CoWork@Gov space. Beyond traditional co-working features, members of CoWork@Gov at CSC @ Tessensohn have access to premium amenities within the clubhouse, fostering a work environment that prioritizes both productivity and well-being. As a CSC member, Ms Lin values the Clubhouse for its many amenities. She frequently uses the Olympic-sized pool with her family and participated in the Members' Day in October, which left a lasting impression on her child.


“Work-Play-Live is the way to go. With the addition of CoWork@Gov workspace, the clubhouse is truly a Work-Play-Live node” said Ms Lin, highlighting the benefits of CoWork@Gov for work-life harmony.


Ms Lin Xinyi at her co-working desk.


CSC @ Changi



Situated within the tranquil surroundings of CSC @ Changi, CoWork@Gov caters to public service officers seeking a serene yet strategically located co-working space. It includes 6 work stations, with 3 having a tranquil view of the seas, all equipped with USB charging ports. It also has a secured and stable Wi-Fi. Public service officers across numerous agencies have patronised the space since its opening in December 2023.


  • Exclusivity and Privacy


CoWork@Gov at CSC @ Changi maintains an exclusive environment solely for public service officers. This privacy allows officers to focus on their work in a supportive and secure atmosphere whilst immersed in the quiet seaside tranquillity. Mr Ye Yongfeng, Director of Public Sector Transformation from the Public Service Division, emphasizes the exclusivity of the spaces for public officers, creating a focused and collaborative environment.


“We consulted 5,000 officers on their Future Workplace aspirations, and a survey in May 2020 indicated that 16% of 14,000 respondents wished to work in government co-working spaces a few times a week,” said Mr Ye.


He added that CoWork@Gov continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of public officers and efforts are underway to enhance existing CoWork@Gov locations, providing more meeting and collaborative spaces to meet the growing demand.


Co-Work@Gov at CSC @ Changi.


  • Recreational Facilities


The co-working space at CSC @ Changi integrates seamlessly with the clubhouse's recreational features, offering public service officers opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation during breaks. Care for a swim in between meetings? Join as a member and enjoy all that the clubhouse has to offer including free access to the infinity pool.


Have lunch at Muslim Delights or Al Capone's and enjoy 10% off on the menu. Enjoy a distinctive dining experience by choosing to dine at Ohana Beach House, where you can savour your meal whilst taking in the majestic sea view or the occasional visit from a Hornbill. There is also a pool table and foosball to take your mind off work.


  • Proximity to Changi Airport


Ideal for officers with international responsibilities, the proximity to Changi Airport enhances the convenience of CoWork@Gov at CSC @ Changi, facilitating seamless travel for those engaged in global affairs. For those staying in the east, there is also a convenient shuttle bus service available from Pasir Ris MRT station to the clubhouse.


Desks with a view of the seas.


CoWork@Gov stands as an evolutionary and innovative initiative, providing public service officers with exclusive co-working spaces that fosters collaboration, innovation, and a sense of community among them. Whether at the heart of Tessensohn's urban vibrancy or in the tranquillity of Changi, CoWork@Gov ensures that its members experience a co-working solution crafted specifically for those dedicated to serving the public.


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