Strengthening connections with colleagues through fun activities can make your professional life more fulfilling.



Daily interactions — whether in person or on video calls — don't always capture the essence of teamwork, especially when juggling busy schedules and, for some, remote work. Cultivating stronger bonds requires stepping out of the routine. Activities like rock climbing, virtual reality adventure or kayaking encourage you to connect with colleagues on a more personal level, fostering a robust work dynamic that thrives beyond the confines of the office.


Explore our curated list of bonding activities and see which fits your crew best!



Have a Bash


Unleash the stress of work with a session at The Fragment Room, where you get to transform tension into exhilaration. Singapore's original rage room invites colleagues to shatter away office blues by wrecking objects from keyboards to monitors. Grab a bat, break free from the daily grind and watch as shared relief strengthens your team's bond.


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Scale New Heights


For teams adept at quick problem-solving — often likened to 'firefighting' — the strategic challenge of rock climbing can be particularly rewarding. Each climb is a puzzle, demanding a collective effort to determine the most efficient path upwards. Working together, your team can strategise the best route, mimicking the collaborative spirit needed to overcome professional obstacles.


From now till 31 December 2024, CSC members and public service officers enjoy discounted entry to Ground Up Climbing at CSC Tessensohn. Terms and conditions apply.



Shape Team Spirit


Discover the art of collaboration through clay at Wei Chuan Pottery Studio. Engage in a tranquil team-building activity where each member turns a simple lump of clay into a work of art, be it a mug or a vase. It's a shared artistic adventure that nurtures patience, fosters creativity and culminates in the collective pride of creation.


From now till 31 December 2024, CSC members enjoy 10% off on workshops at Wei Chuan Pottery Studio at CSC @ Bukit Batok.  Terms and conditions apply.



Embark on a Museum Escapade


If your colleagues include introverts who aren’t into boisterous crowds or games, consider a museum visit for your team-building activity. The controlled climate and the opportunity to explore in smaller, more intimate groups make it ideal for those who shy away from larger gatherings. Enhance the experience with a creative twist: a treasure hunt-style bingo or a fun trivia challenge to encourage interaction in a relaxed, engaging way.


From now till 31 December 2024, CSC members enjoy 10% off admission charges to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. This offer is valid for up to five tickets per member, per transaction, each day.



Go on a Virtual Reality Adventure


In your team, the buzz is all about the latest tech. Lunchtime often finds your colleagues deep in conversation about the newest gadgets and gaming rigs. Why not channel this digital passion into a real-world adventure? Take the crew to V-Room at Harbourfront Centre, where virtual reality (VR) games offer an array of experiences, from pulse-pounding horror to whimsical mini-golf and brain-teasing puzzles. It's a chance for everyone to bond over shared victories in lifelike 3D worlds.


CSC members enjoy 10% off on selected activities at V-Room.



Paws and Unwind



Invite your team to a heart-warming bonding session at The Cat Cafe, where relaxation is interwoven with the charm of feline friends. Alternatively, host a retreat at the dog-friendly chalets at CSC @ Loyang. These settings provide intimate backdrops for your team to strengthen ties and revel in the bliss that pets add to our lives, enhancing workplace camaraderie in the most delightful way.


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Find out more about the dog-friendly CSC @ Loyang chalets here.



Fun in the Sun and by the Sea


When an overseas team retreat isn't feasible, consider a local day-cation as an appealing alternative. Ohana Beach House at CSC @ Loyang is your domestic slice of paradise, offering a laid-back beach ambiance right here in Singapore. Perfect for team getaways, this lifestyle centre provides a backdrop for private events, casual dining and a variety of water sports, ensuring a holiday vibe without the long-haul flight.



For added convenience, consider renting a chalet. Team members can use it to freshen up after a day of activities. And what better way to round off the gathering than with a BBQ?


From now till 31 December 2024, CSC members enjoy 15% off on food, drinks, and sea sports activities and rentals at Ohana Beach House.



Adventure Awaits in the Great Outdoors


For teams who relish weekends wandering through lush reserves or uncovering the island's secret spots, only an outdoor adventure will do. Sync your strokes and share the awe of nature as you kayak from Pulau Ubin to Ketam Island. This route takes you through vibrant mangroves and past native wildlife such as grey herons, monitor lizards and otters. For an alternative exploration, paddle by the kelong fish farms off Jelutong, then cycle around Pulau Ubin to embrace the island's natural beauty.


From now till 31 December 2024, CSC members enjoy a 15% off Round Ketam Kayaking, and  10% off mangrove kayaking and other activities organised by Asian Detours.



Uncover Paranormal and Creepy Tales


For an unconventional team-building experience, Walk With Ghosts: Old Changi Tour in Singapore offers a thrilling and educational nocturnal adventure. Bond over goosebumps as your team visit some of the spookiest spots in Changi: from the shadows of the coastal kampong to the empty shells of British military buildings, to the infamous Old Changi Hospital. It's a night of eerie exploration that will bring your team closer through shared spine-tingling tales and unforgettable memories.


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Team Outings with Smart Savings

There's always excitement when a colleague shares the latest discount or promo code in the department group chat — because everyone loves a great deal!



From now till 31 January 2025, CSC members enjoy an 8% off all Klook activities, while public service officers enjoy 5% off. Terms and conditions apply. So gather your team, pick a fun activity and make the most of these exclusive offers.


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