The action for Futsal was just electrifying.


In a thrilling mix of digital and traditional sports, the Public Service STAR Games 2023 once again brought together athletes from across sectors. The edition included sports such as basketball, futsal, pool and e-sports, casting a spotlight on the multifaceted talents of our public service officers.


Futsal Tournament (4 Nov 2023)


The Futsal Tournament took place at FutsalArena @ Yishun with 71 teams from 24 organisations vying for various titles. These included seven all-female teams that were participating for the first time in the newly introduced women’s category. The Guest-of- Honour was Mr Azhar Yusof, CSC Executive Committee member.


Chairman of SPRIGHT Mr Daniel Seet was in attendance to support his MHA teams and witnessed the MHA Division I men’s team took home the championship for the second year in a row. 


Intense play at Futsal.


"Every team from MHA put in their utmost effort," MHA representative Mr Taiyo Koh shared. He said that the teams’ dedication to futsal goes beyond individual enjoyment, highlighted by their positive attitude during training. “Because our players have been playing together for some time, they understand each other’s playing styles, strengths and weaknesses.” 


The management also encouraged a culture of inclusivity by involving all players in decision-making. “This created a strong sense of team cohesion, and nurtured a mutually respectful environment that encourages cooperation and interaction,” said Mr Koh. 


The winning team from Ministry of Home Affairs.



Division I Results:
Champion: Ministry of Home Affairs (8)
Second Place: Ministry of Education 
Third Place: Ministry of Home Affairs (3)
Fourth Place: Ministry of Home Affairs (1)


Division II Results:
Champion: Ministry of Social and Family Development
Second Place: Ministry of Manpower
Third Place: JTC Corporation
Fourth Place: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore 


Women’s Challenge Results
Champion: Ministry of Education (1)
Second Place: Sport Singapore
Third Place: Ministry of Education (2)
Fourth Place: Ministry of Communications and Information


E-Sports (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) Online Team Tournament (2 December 2023)


E-sports have become a mainstay at the Public Service STAR Games, growing in popularity since their introduction into the Games in 2019. Last year’s tournament set a new record with 41 teams from 11 organisations competing in the online battle arena game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) fielded the largest contingent with 16 teams, followed closely by the Land Transport Authority with 13 teams. Despite losing the first match of the semi-finals, MHA's winning team, led by Mr Nathan Lim, came back strongly with a flexible strategy and cohesive team communication to secure victory.


“Each member was proficient in both a primary and a secondary role,” Mr Lim explained. “This allowed us to adapt and swap roles during matches, particularly if a character was removed from play during the ‘Banning Phase’. By being able to switch roles seamlessly, we ensured that our players operated within areas they were skilled and confident in.” 


The MHA team's success also stemmed from regular training. “E-sports is very flexible; it is played virtually, so the training or playing sessions are easier to arrange,” added Mr Lim.


The E-Sports (MLBB) champions from Ministry of Home Affairs.




Champion: Ministry of Home Affairs (2)
Second Place: Monetary Authority of Singapore
Third Place: Government Technology Agency of Singapore
Fourth Place: Land Transport Authority (5)


Pool Competition (30 October to 27 November 2023)


The Pool Competition was a display of precision and strategy, with 25 teams from 11 organisations competing for the championship. Mr Liang Wee Seah, CSC Executive Committee member, graced the event as Guest-of-Honour and presented the champion trophy and medals to the Ministry of Education (MOE) team which clinched the top spot.


Full concentration at the pool table.


MOE team member Mr Lee Chin Hiong praised the team's diversity and shared how the players' mutual support made the competition not just a contest, but an enriching experience: “The tight camaraderie, friendly banter and mutual encouragement created many memorable moments.” 


Mr Lee emphasised that enjoying the game and finding fulfilment in meeting and mingling with fellow public service officers across sectors were more important than playing for the win. “But clinching the championship certainly came as a fantastic bonus,” said Mr Lee smiling. He added that the shared passion for cue sports brought everyone together: “At the end of the day, we are one public service.” 


Congratulations to the winners from Ministry of Education.




Champion: Ministry of Education 
Second Place: Ministry of Home Affairs
Third Place: Government Technology Agency of Singapore 
Fourth Place: Ministry of Manpower 


Basketball Tournament (23 September to 21 October 2023)


At the Singapore Basketball Centre, the Basketball Tournament featured a showdown between 34 teams from 15 government agencies. Gracing the event as Guest-of-Honour, Mr Bob Tor, President of the Basketball Association of Singapore, witnessed MINDEF's display of teamwork and strategy that earned them the championship.


Intense dunking on the court.


MINDEF team manager and player Mr Jaryl Ng, from the men’s champion team, highlighted the unity and discipline of its players — comprising military regulars of different ranks across the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Digital and Intelligence Service — as the factors that propelled them to victory. “We gave nothing but 100 per cent,” he said, adding that good leadership, mutual trust and not faulting each other for mistakes provided the team the winning edge. “We see each other as more than teammates — we are brothers in arms and friends beyond the court,” he said.


The players showcased excellent athleticism on the court.


Mr Ng also commended the strong competition. “Kudos to MOE and MHA for bringing the heat every time we play against them,” he said. “A special mention goes to the Singapore Police Force’s Gurkha Contingent — they really put us through the cardio machine with their grit and never-say-die attitude!”


The winning teams from Ministry of Defence.




Women’s Category
Champion: Ministry of Education
Second Place: Ministry of Home Affairs 
Third Place: Ministry of Defence
Fourth Place: Sport Singapore


Men’s Category:
Champion: Ministry of Defence 
Second Place: Ministry of Education (1)
Third Place: Ministry of Home Affairs
Fourth Place: Ministry of Education (2)


Overall Placings
Champion: Ministry of Defence
Second Place: Ministry of Education
Third Place: Ministry of Home Affairs


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