At the heart of every Mother's Day celebration is a story of love, tradition and family ties. Mother's Day Lunch 2024 at CSC @ Tessensohn was a picturesque scene of these values, adorned with the timeless beauty of kebayas.


Known for its flattering cuts and elaborate embroidery, the Nyonya kebaya is more than just a garment; it embodies feminine grace and cultural heritage. Available in an array of vibrant colours and designs, it was the chosen outfit for this year’s Mother’s Day Lunch at the Civil Service Club (CSC).


Held on 12 May 2024 at Qian Xi Chinese Restaurant, the atmosphere was filled with a sense of anticipation and joy as the female attendees, clad in their finest kebayas, arrived with their families to partake in an afternoon filled with sumptuous food, fun entertainment and the chance to win attractive prizes. The dress code not only added a visual feast to the event but also allowed many of the ladies to express their personal style and cultural pride through their carefully selected outfits.


Generational gatherings

The Mother’s Day Lunch is a pivotal annual gathering for families like that of Mdm Jasline Tan, who demonstrates her dedication to family ties by reserving at least two tables each year. Dressed in a deep red kebaya blouse, symbolising luck and happiness, she was accompanied by four generations of family members, including her mother, siblings, nephews, nieces and her grandchildren.


Mdm Jasline Tan (standing, 2nd from right) with her 93-year-old mother (seated, centre) and other members of her family.


The presence of her 93-year-old mother, celebrated as one of the luncheon’s most venerable guests, added a touching note to the occasion, reminding all present of the enduring bonds and shared histories that such gatherings cherish and foster.


Engaging entertainment and heartfelt competition

The festivities were orchestrated by the event's bubbly emcee, who engaged the audience — from the youngest to the oldest — weaving through the crowd and hosting games in both English and Mandarin. This inclusive approach ensured everyone felt part of the celebration, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere that resonated throughout the venue.


The lively emcee interacting with the audience during a games segment.


The major highlight was the kebaya catwalk, part of the eagerly anticipated Best Dressed Mother contest. This event turned the spotlight on the exquisite kebayas worn by the attendees, as the women gracefully showcased their outfits on stage. Each participant displayed not only their personal style but also the intricate details of their traditional attire, making it a spectacle of cultural pride and elegance.


The winner of the Best Dress Mother contest, Ms Serene Tan, receiving her prize from the emcee.


Amidst enthusiastic applause, Mdm Tan’s sister, Ms Serene Tan, wearing a striking ensemble of a bright pink kebaya blouse paired with a contrasting lime green batik sarong, captured the audience's admiration. Her vibrant outfit and poised presentation earned her the coveted title of Best Dressed Mother.


The men showing support for their family member participating in the Best Dress Mother contest.


Embracing tradition with style and sentiment

For Ms Seah Li Hwee, the kebaya theme presented a chance to don her exquisite black, gold and white batik piece, complemented by a delicate white tulle kebaya, a piece treasured for many years. Her ensemble stood out with a unique blend of bold patterns and subtle elegance, making a statement of both style and tradition.


Ms Seah Li Hwee (standing, 3rd from left) with her two daughters (standing, 1st and 2nd from right) and other members of her family.


Her daughters, proudly wearing their colourful kebayas, joined in for the special occasion. The family makes it a point to attend the Mother’s Day Lunch each year to bond and spend time together.


Behind Ms Seah’s passion for kebayas lies the influence of a dear Peranakan friend, whose generosity extended beyond friendship to include sharing her rich cultural heritage. “She was always sharing her food, culture and her fashion with us. Our whole family was influenced by her,” Ms Seah recalled fondly. 


Creating lasting memories

Surrounded by her two sisters, nephews, nieces, children and grandchildren, Mdm Shinder Kaur enjoys the yearly family get-together. Not only that; it is also a chance to reconnect with colleagues and acquaintances from her professional life as a nurse. “It is a good time for me to catch up with colleagues, familiar faces that I’ve met in my line of work and other civil servants,” she explained.


Mdm Shinder Kaur (seated, 2nd from left) with her family.


Beyond the luncheon, Mdm Kaur shares the perks of her CSC membership with her family. Her grandkids frequent the club’s swimming pool, bowling alley and sports facilities. Their visits to CSC @ Tessensohn often coincide with trips to the Singapore Khalsa Association, conveniently located right next door, making these gatherings a seamless blend of cultural and recreational activities.


Similarly, for Mdm Tan, the Mother’s Day Lunch has become an unmissable part of her yearly social engagements. Having been an active member of the CSC for over a decade, she views this event as a cornerstone of her family’s annual activities. “It’s a must-go for us. It’s something we look forward to as a big family gathering,” she shared, echoing the sentiment of many regular attendees who see events like the Mother’s Day Lunch as a celebration of community, connection and shared memories.



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