As they vied for victory, our Public Service athletes exemplified peak performance, embodying both physical excellence and mental fortitude.


Diving into the thrill of competition, Public Service officers who participated in STAR Games 2024, organised by the Civil Service Club, did so with a spirit of camaraderie and determination. Their commitment was on full display, turning rigorous training into impressive feats and transforming challenges into nail-biting victories.


Join us as we relive the highlights and celebrate the indomitable spirit of our STAR Games athletes who, in every leap and sprint, personified the essence of Public Service excellence.


Mixed Netball Tournament (3 March 2024)

The Mixed Netball Tournament transformed a regular Saturday into a dynamic showcase of unity and agility. Held at Temasek Polytechnic's Sports Hall 2, a total of 23 teams from 13 organisations took part, with 259 athletes vying for the championship.



In an exhilarating finale, the Ministry of Education (MOE) (3) team emerged victorious, turning an early disadvantage into a stunning triumph. MOE's Mr Jason Goh Buan Huang reflected on the intense final match, noting the unyielding spirit of the team: “Everyone kept calm and persevered; we clawed our way back and eventually won the game.”



The MOE squad’s success was notable, considering they relied mainly on personal preparation rather than joint practices due to scheduling constraints. Yet, their agility in aligning with each other’s gameplay shone through, enabling them to operate as a unified front against their challengers.



Mr Goh shared the thrill of victory: “It's incredibly rewarding. The key factor that brought us to the top spot was having teammates that were encouraging and supportive of each other throughout the games.”


He highlighted mixed netball as his preferred sport, valuing the chance it presents to engage competitively with peers while maintaining fitness: “It’s an excellent way to stay in shape, keep the mind active and alleviate work stress.”




Champion: Ministry of Education (3)

Second Place: Ministry of Home Affairs

Third Place: Ministry of Education (4)

Fourth Place: Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment


Sepaktakraw (Inter-team) Tournaments (25 February)

The Sepaktakraw Tournaments witnessed good participation in his agency, as noted by CPT Saifulbahri Bin Mohd Idris, who has been the Ministry of Home Affairs’ (MHA) Sports Convenor for Sepaktakraw since 2018.



The Inter-Team Tournament was held at Heartbeat @ Bedok. It saw spirited competition among 90 participants from seven teams across five agencies.



MHA's strategic gameplay was crucial in overcoming strong opponents such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, and SP Group, leading to their triumph. CPT Saifulbahri attributed their success to the team's dedication, which included fitting in training sessions amid demanding frontline duties, often at the expense of their personal time.



CPT Saifulbahri also stressed the importance of raising awareness for sepaktakraw. “All our players feel that sepaktakraw should be showcased more often, as it is a diminishing sport in the region with a very limited pool of players.”


As he prepares to pass on the baton of MHA Sports Convenor for sepaktakraw, CPT Saifulbahri expressed admiration for the players' dedication to the game and their rigorous training regime, which not only honed their sporting abilities but also contributed positively to their annual medical and IPPT requirements.



The camaraderie fostered during and after the training sessions — often over shared meals of isotonic drinks, traditional Malay kuihs and curry puffs — also left an indelible mark on CPT Saifulbahri. “The bond we share is very fulfilling and memorable. Different MHA officers come together to share jokes and insights into their jobs. It’s a chance to show their personal side in a very demanding and challenging career,” he said.




Sepaktakraw (Inter-Team) Tournament

Champion: Ministry of Home Affairs (1)

Second Place: Ministry of Health

Third Place: Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment

Fourth Place: SP Group


Sepaktakraw (Inter-Regus) Tournament (9 March 2024)

The Sepaktakraw (Inter-Regu) champions from the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE) embraced a methodical approach to the competition. “One game at a time” became their mantra as they navigated through the challenge of playing the top best teams in the league, according to MSE representative Mr Mohamed Fahmi.


The tournament, held at Heartbeat @ Bedok, featured 117 participants from 25 teams representing seven organisations CSC Executive Committee Member, Mr Jerry Lim, honoured the event with his presence.


In reflection, Mr Fahmi attributed their success to tight teamwork and individual talent. “Everybody was very competent with their sepaktakraw skills,” he said, adding that from the outset, they faced formidable rivals, which made every game challenging and the hard-fought victory sweeter.


A deliberate pacing strategy also helped the MSE team manage their energy, ensuring the intensity of the games did not affect their composure.


Mr Fahmi described the atmosphere as charged, yet underscored by a camaraderie that transcended the competition. “Amid the crucial calls and the crowd's fervour, we remembered it's all part of playing sepaktakraw,” he said. “There were plenty of smiles and laughter throughout.”


Like most teams participating in STAR Games, the champions trained after work at the PUB Recreational Club (RC). “The PUB RC was very supportive and provided us with the venue. Come rain or shine, the sheltered courts left us no excuse to skip practice,” he quipped.


For Mr Fahmi, sepaktakraw is more than a sport; it’s a beloved pastime from his youth that has evolved into a pursuit of fitness and mental sharpness. “I love sweating it out by playing my favourite sport. After all, a healthy body supports a healthy mind!” he enthused.



Sepaktakraw (Inter-Regu) Tournament

Champion: Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (1)

Second Place: Ministry of Home Affairs (7)

Third Place: Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (3)

Fourth Place: SP Group (2)


E-Sports (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) Online Brawl Tournament (23 March 2024)

In the virtual realm, agility is matched by intellect, a concept vividly demonstrated by Sport Singapore (SportSG) (2), the winning squad in the E-Sports (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) Online Brawl Tournament.



The digital battleground was the stage for 30 teams from 13 organisations to contest their strategic acumen and reaction speed.


Mr Leslie Lee from SportSG shared insights on the team's dynamic approach to competition. After facing setbacks in the opening rounds, the team rallied to devise a meticulous game plan. “We resolved to adhere to a specific winning strategy that we collectively agreed upon,” he explained. “Additionally, we established a rule that when three team members are eliminated, the remaining two will pivot to a defensive stance, disrupting our opponents’ advance.”


Communication was crucial, with strategies exchanged via WhatsApp, as each member engaged from their home. The team's nightly rendezvous at 10pm for one- to two-hour online training sessions fortified their familiarity with each other's gaming styles.


Their composure remained unshaken, even amid the final's intense atmosphere and heated comments from the opposition. Their resilience and strategy paid off as SportSG clinched the championship by winning two crucial sets.


Mr Lee reflected on the broader lessons gleaned from E-sports: "The game teaches us to adapt well to change and make tough decisions in risky situations — even if they deviate from one’s usual routines.” Embracing the ethos of perseverance, taking ownership of setbacks and revelling in triumphs, Mr Lee mused that life is like a game where joy is found in navigating and overcoming its myriad challenges.



Overall Placings:

Champion: Sport Singapore (2)

Second Place: Ministry of Home Affairs (1)

Third Place: Land Transport Authority (1)

Fourth Place: Land Transport Authority (3)



3-on-3 Basketball Tournament (27 January 2024)

3-on-3 Basketball is a game where speed meets strategy, and stamina is key. Love of this fast-paced sport drew 49 teams from 15 organisations to compete at the Singapore Basketball Centre. They converged on the court, fuelled by passion and the thrill of the game, under the watchful eye of Mr Bob Tor, President of the Basketball Association of Singapore.




Mr Edward Tay, Assistant Manager of the MHA team and this year's champion, credited their success to not just talent but also the strategic formation of their teams. A rigorous training regime was crucial, with players forgoing rest days to improve fitness and foster team dynamics, despite their disparate work schedules.


"Discipline is paramount," said Mr Tay. "Balancing work, sports and family time is essential to ensure our players are well-rested and at their peak performance." Pre- and post-match warm-ups became a ritual, minimising fatigue and risk of injury.



Winning wasn’t the only thing on the players’ minds. Mr Tay shared that the tournament was a sporting event as well as a social one, enabling colleagues from different ministries to meet up and share time together.



Women’s Category:

Champion: Ministry of Education (1)

Second Place: Ministry of Home Affairs

Third Place: Sport Singapore

Fourth Place: Ministry of Education (2)


Men’s Category:

Champion: Ministry of Home Affairs (2)

Second Place: Ministry of Home Affairs (1)

Third Place: Ministry of Defence (3)

Fourth Place: Ministry of Defence (5)


Overall Placings:

Champion: Ministry of Home Affairs

Second Place: Ministry of Defence


As teams look forward to the next STAR Games, they anticipate not just the opportunity to defend or challenge the title but to rekindle the bonds that make this event a highlight in the public service sports calendar.


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