The Civil Service Club’s Lunar New Year Bazaar was a vibrant showcase of cultural exchange, where members and their families participated in engaging workshops, enjoyed festive treats and fostered a spirit of togetherness.


The Diamond Ballroom at CSC @ Tessensohn was alive with celebratory buzz, as it hosted the much-anticipated Lunar New Year (LNY) Bazaar on 20 January 2024. CSC members, alongside their families and friends, came together for a vibrant gathering, exploring the over 30 booths brimming with traditional goodies and homeware. 




For Ms Deborah Chua, the LNY bazaar was more than just a shopping trip — it was a way of spending quality time with her husband and their two children, aged seven and five years old. “Weekends are precious to us, so we try to spend as much time as we can with the kids,” she said, adding that stepping into the LNY bazaar was a unique experience for the young ones. “They get to feel the Lunar New Year spirit ahead of the holiday.” 




The excitement peaked when Ms Chua discovered the bazaar's Sure-Win Lucky Dip — a crowd favourite. With a minimum spend of just $20, she joined other shoppers in winning festive treats, from abalone and mandarin oranges to bak kwa and an assortment of cookies. “I think I’ve gotten more than I can handle,” laughed Ms Chua, pointing to the bags of goodies that she won through the Sure-Win Lucky Dip.


The LNY Bazaar's Lucky Draw, open to those who spent over $20, raised the stakes with prizes including shopping vouchers worth up to $600. Three winners walked away with the grand prizes. When asked what they would do with their winnings, the top prize winner shared that she would use it to purchase festive goodies for her family and friends.




A melting pot of celebrations


The appeal of the LNY Bazaar transcended cultural boundaries, with a diverse crowd converging to partake in the joyous celebration. Mdm Saroja D/O Nadarajah, who came with her family, shared about their annual ritual: “Every year, my husband and daughter would join me in visiting the different stalls. There’s always something interesting to see and find. This year, I was especially interested in the treats that were made with unique ingredients.”


An assortment of experiences


The festivities extended beyond the marketplace's buzz, offering a medley of cultural activities to ignite the holiday spirit. They included:


  • A Children Colouring Contest where kids aged 5 to 12 had the opportunity to express their creativity while engaging with Lunar New Year themes.


  • A Fengshui Talk by Master Max from Max Liang Fengshui, which provided tips and yearly forecasts, equipping attendees with knowledge to attract prosperity and harmony.


  • An Unlocking Abundance and Invest in Your Well-Being talk by holistic wellness coach, Mr Glenn Poh from Gemstory Singapore, who delivered insights on the transformative power of natural gemstones for daily well-being.


  • A 12 Zodiacs Origami Workshop, where participants learnt to create zodiac animals from origami paper.


  • A Demonstration of Wing Chun, a martial arts popularised by the Ip Man movie series.


  • A Food Gathering Workshop by celebrated Chef Lisa Leong, who demonstrated the preparation of symbolic Lunar New Year dishes.


  • A Singing Showcase where members performed festive songs, stirring a collective sense of joy and nostalgia among the audience.




Besides enjoying the different activities, Mr Benjamin Koh made it a point to get his set of chun lian, the auspicious Spring Festival couplets, at the LNY Bazaar. Adorning doorways with these verses is more than decoration for Mr Koh. “It is a way of bringing good luck and fortune to the home,” he explained.




Mr Koh's commitment to tradition extends to his family. “These customs are very important to the Chinese culture. I am glad that fairs like the LNY Bazaar exist, as they allow me to expose my seven-year-old daughter to our culture at an early age,” he said.



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