Pets are more than mere companions — they're integral members of our families. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or simply an animal lover, the connection with our furry friends is undeniable.


Step into Summer Pet Mania, the ultimate celebration of this cherished bond. Happening over two days on 25 and 26 May, 10am to 6pm, at CSC @ Tessensohn, it is where you can gain expert insights on pet care, explore innovative therapies and see your talented furkids shine in exciting contests.


Don’t have a pet? No problem! You're still welcome to join us for a fun-filled day. Come mingle with adorable furry friends, snap some unforgettable selfies and gather insights on pet ownership at our adoption drive.


Here are seven fantastic reasons to make Summer Pet Mania your next great outing!


#1: Stand to win a luxurious stay and pick up a goodie bag by simply showing up

Step into the spotlight just by attending! Spend a minimum of $50 at any booths (combined receipts from multiple booths allowed) and get a shot at the Lucky Draw on 25 May. The grand prize? A one-night off-peak stay at the CSC @ Loyang dog-friendly chalet, complete with stunning sea views. These chalets offer a shared dog run, a washing area and direct access to the beach — ideal for your dog to roam and play.

For the owners, there's no shortage of comfort either; host a delightful pet-friendly get-together with fully equipped kitchens and sheltered BBQ pits for a memorable reunion with friends.


CSC members (main cardholders) will also receive a complimentary goodie bag each when you pre-register for Summer Pet Mania —available while stocks last! Terms and conditions apply.



#2: Pounce on pet-centric delights

With over 30 booths, Summer Pet Mania is a must-visit for every pet lover. Shop for the latest in stylish pet accessories and delectable treats, and snag exclusive deals offered only at the event.


#3: Gain valuable tips from veterinary experts

Connect with expert vendors and fellow animal lovers, and enrich your knowledge at their informative sessions. Join Dr Vayne Lee from BOM BOM to uncover your pet's dietary needs and health concerns, and engage with Dr Sara Lam from RehabVet to explore the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and other therapies, such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Don’t miss out on direct consultations with these specialists!



#4: Showcase your pet's talents and win big

Is your dog a wizard with its nose, or does your cat have some jaw-dropping tricks? Don’t keep their talents to yourselves — flaunt them in our contests and win fabulous prizes! Enter the thrilling "Gold" Digger Dog contest, where pets showcase their scent-tracking prowess by hunting down hidden treats. The quickest and most accurate sniffers will earn fantastic rewards from Lambwolf by Woof Living.


Not to be outdone, the Sniff It Out competition will test dogs’ abilities to select treats from specific boxes, with the most skilful sniffers taking home top prizes.


Our Most Talented Pet contest includes a separate category for felines. Top cats and dogs will perform in front of an audience, vying for prizes based on public votes.


To sign up, keep an eye on CSC's or the organiser Clubpets’ website and social media channels. Even if your pet is not participating, you can still enjoy the show and cheer on your favourite contestants, as they dazzle you with their amazing talents.



#5: Create a lasting memory with your pet at a paw print workshop

Capture the charm of your pet's paw forever with the DIY Paw Print Shadow Box workshop. Hosted by the creative experts at The Little Sprout, dive into a fun session where you’ll press your pet’s paw into clay, add a cute polaroid of your furry friend and sprinkle in some decorative touches to complete a personalised shadow box. Each piece is a unique celebration of your pet, perfect for display at home.


To sign up, keep an eye on CSC's or the organiser Clubpets’ website and social media channels. Sessions are available at 2pm and 4pm on 26 May. Each session costs $30 per participant, with only 20 slots available. Make sure to book yours early!




#6: Discover healing with pet acupuncture

Curious about alternative therapies for your furry friend? Join Dr Dawn Wong from Bluewater Vet Acupuncture & Rehabilitation to explore the fascinating world of pet acupuncture. This ancient practice has shown remarkable results in treating conditions like arthritis, muscle and nerve injuries, and chronic ailments such as kidney disease. Dr Wong, who also leads Acupetture, the island’s mobile acupuncture service for pets, will delve into how acupuncture works and its benefits. She will also be available to discuss whether this therapy could be the right choice for your pet’s health needs.


#7: Learn how to find a new best friend through pet adoption

Discover the joy and responsibility of pet adoption at Summer Pet Mania. Adoption is not only an ethical route to pet ownership, but it also brings immense fulfilment. Engage with experts like Mr Patrick Cher from Purely Adoptions, who will demystify the adoption process and what to expect as a new pet parent. These insights will guide you as you consider welcoming a new member into your family.


Join us on 25 and 26 May at CSC @ Tessensohn for the tail-wagging extravaganza Summer Pet Mania. Admission is free! Tickets are now available online.


Programme Highlights


25 May 2024, Saturday:

1pm: Best Dressed Contest (Summer Hawaiian Theme)

2pm: BOM BOM Nutrition Talk: Things You Never Knew About Pet Nutrition by Veterinary Nutritionist for BOM BOM, Dr Vayne

2pm to 5.30pm: DIY Clay Coasters: The Petch Club

1st slot: 2pm to 3:30pm

2nd slot: 4pm to 5:30pm

3pm: Gold Digger Contest

5pm: Acupuncture in pets by Dr Dawn Wong from Bluewater/ Acupetture


26 May 2024, Sunday:

1pm: Sniff it out contest 

2pm: Vet Workshop by Dr Sara Lam from RehabVet (What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in pets?:- The theory and benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and showcasing of some of the cases that has helped animals to regain mobility miraculously at Rehabvet)

2pm to 5.30pm: DIY Paw Print Shadow Box Workshop by The Little Sprout

1st slot: 2pm to 3:30pm

2nd slot: 4pm to 5:30pm

4pm: Most Talented Dog Contest

5pm: Talk by Purely Aoptions, Mr Patrick Cher (Adoption process & things to note during adoption. What should potential adopters expect?)

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