With sheltered BBQ pits, fully-equipped kitchen and spacious private lawns, the chalets at CSC @ Changi II are sought-after venues for occasions such as large family gatherings and milestone birthday parties. But these chalets offer more than just generous spaces and modern amenities — they are a canvas for endless fun!


We've curated 10 wildly fun chalet theme ideas that could just be your excuse to host a get-together with family & friends at CSC chalet! Read on for some serious inspiration; our guide is filled with unique and quirky party themes that promise to elevate your chalet experience.


Credits: imdb - Bridgerton


1. RSVP to The Queen’s Ball 

Summon your inner nobility for a Bridgerton-themed Queen’s Ball right at your chalet! Don your finest homemade Regency attire and accessorise with D-I-Y paper fans to truly embody the “Baroness of Bukit Batok” — or any grand title of your choosing. Spread out scones, cakes and tea on the lawn for delightful afternoon treats. For entertainment, master the art of the waltz and curtsey with help from online tutorials, or capture your splendid ballroom attire in a regal photoshoot.


For the ladies, remember to prepare your dance card, as a Viscount may ask for your hand in marriage a dance. 😉



2. Sashay Your Way In Stilletos

Channel the flamboyant spirit of RuPaul’s Drag Race with a dazzling party where "Shante, you stay" sets the tone for the evening. Dress up in your finest sequins and prepare to steal the show with spellbinding lip-sync performances.


Credits: VH1


Transform bedrooms into prep stations complete with name tags displaying the chosen personas. When the spotlight hits — improvise with torchlights covered in tinted plastic for that fabulous colourful glow — add a dash of theatrical flair with dry ice for an unforgettable stage effect. Then crank up the volume on a portable speaker and let the show begin!


Credit: The Smart Local


3. Battle It Out with Nerf and Water Bombs

Unleash the inner warrior in everyone with a thrilling Nerf and water bomb showdown. Kids and adults alike will jump at the chance to engage in this friendly firefight. If the weapon of choice is water balloons, remind your guests to pack swimwear or wear something they don’t mind getting drenched in.


Upon arrival, split your guests into two teams — one for defence and another for attack. For easy team identification, use bands of two distinct coloured tapes around each player's arm. Arm them with Nerf blasters and darts, or water bombs, and watch as the strategic chaos unfolds. 


Credits: Klook - Walk With Ghosts: Old Changi Tour


4. Make Your Own Halloween Horror Night Any Time

Why wait for October when you can revel in spine-tingling excitement all year round? Invite your guests to transform into their favourite eerie entities — from the gruesome zombies of The Walking Dead to the chilling pontianak from old-school lore.


Organise your own creepy night tour around Changi or nearby Pasir Ris — but trespassing is most definitely not recommended. At strategic stops, have guests share their most hair-raising tales. If you love a good prank, get a costumed friend to join the tour halfway unannounced. At one of the stops, do a headcount – and ready your phone to capture the shrieks and frights.


Credits: imdb - Murder Mystery


5. A Night of Accusation, Deception and Dramatic Revelations

Transform your chalet into a thrilling scene straight out of whodunit movie, e.g. Murder Mystery, Murder Mubarak. To make the experience uniquely Singaporean, customise your set-up — perhaps the mystery weapon isn’t just a candlestick, but a durian husk. Before your guests arrive, scour the internet for murder mystery kits and tailor the scenarios to local tastes.



At the party, assign characters to each guest. Scatter clues throughout the chalet and watch as your friends turn detectives, piecing together the puzzle. Heighten the suspense by ensuring even the designated "murderer" remains in the dark about their own role. To add a competitive edge, the first sleuth to solve the crime wins a lunch treat. 



6. Paws and Celebrate With the Gang

Invite fellow pawrents and their furkids to a gathering that’s sure to get tails wagging. Start with a doggy buffet featuring a variety of treats and ample fresh water to keep the pets happy and hydrated.



For some active fun, create a simple agility course right on the chalet lawn using items like plastic chairs and hula hoops. As the day winds down, take a leisurely group walk to the nearby beach. Let the dogs splash around in the sea and play on the sand, while you and your friends enjoy the sunset. Cap off the day with a dinner at the pet-friendly Canopy at CSC @ Changi. 


Credit: Pinterest


7. Blast from the Past

Take a delightful dip into nostalgia with a ‘90s-themed party that’s perfect for all ages. As your guests arrive in their ’90s best — think Cher from Clueless, Phoebe Buffay from Friends, Backstreet Boys, and more — greet them with door gifts, including tubes of body glitter and glow-in-the-dark wristbands. Set the mood with an epic playlist of ’90s hits — the cheesier the better!


For the kids in attendance, set up a nostalgia-packed games station where they can learn from grown-ups how to play classic void deck games like police and thief, capteh and hopscotch. 


Credit: Mediacorp - MasterChef Singapore


8. MasterChef: The CSC Chalet Edition

Organise a culinary showdown in the well-equipped kitchens of CSC chalets. Before your stay begins, pick up an assortment of ingredients from the supermarket. Kick off the challenge by revealing a surprise main ingredient that each team must incorporate into their culinary creations. Set the clock for a specified time and let the cooking madness begin! To add a dash of reality TV drama, roam around with your smartphone asking, "What's your strategy?" or "How confident are you in your dish?" capturing every frantic or flourished moment.


When the cooking is over, have non-competing guests savour and judge the dishes. In good fun, assign the losers to kitchen clean-up duty. 



9. Clear Out and Give Back: Host a Swap Party!

Organise a Charity Clutter Swap Party at the CSC chalet. It’s an eco-friendly way to declutter while fostering a warm, community vibe among your guests, especially those meeting for the first time. 


Encourage each guest to bring 5 to 10 pre-loved items — anything from books and toys to scarves and shirts. These should include a higher-value item, like a branded set of headphones or handbag, for a mini-auction. The proceeds will go to a charity chosen by the previous owner of each item, adding a meaningful twist to the fun. 



10. Roll Out the Red Carpet

The brief for guests is simple: come dressed as the celebrity you think you most resemble, but don’t tell anyone who you are. As guests arrive, have them strut down a red carpet — set up on your chalet’s front porch or lawn — where they’ll have to answer paparazzi-style questions. Encourage them to embody their celebrity by mimicking their voice and mannerisms. Everyone else will play a guessing game, trying to pinpoint the celebrity each guest represents.


With just a dash of creativity and a guest list full of enthusiastic participants, your gathering promises to become a legendary event! Don't forget to hand out little prizes – like ice cream popsicles or trinkets – to those who get it right. Award a special prize to the guest who most convincingly transforms into their celebrity doppelganger too!



CSC members can book a CSC chalet up to 120 days in advance, Public Service Officers have 90 days, and the general public has 60 days to secure their unit. For spontaneous planners, CSC’s Wonderful Wednesday deals offer up to 30% OFF saelected chalet stays. Check weekly availability by contacting the clubhouses directly.


Once your booking is secure, it’s time to turn up the creativity. So book your CSC chalet here, start planning and invite your everyone over for a wonderful CSC time.



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