Ready for a staycation twist? Discover delightful details that makes CSC @ Loyang the ultimate holiday escape in Pasir Ris.


Let's roll back the clock to a time when 'chalet' was the buzzword for the ultimate local escape, and guess what? It still is! There's something irresistible about kicking back in a breezy holiday house with the smell of barbecue in the air, minus the hefty price tag of a plane ticket.



The site where CSC @ Loyang is located (formerly known as Aloha Loyang) has been hosting Singapore's chill-and-grill crowd for 30 years. If walls could talk, the chalets would be bursting with stories of birthday shindigs, celebratory post-exam blowouts and families revelling in the joy of each other's company.


Fast forward to 1 April 2018 — the Civil Service Club swooped in, waved a magic wand and voilà, Aloha Loyang got a fresh sprinkle of CSC sparkle, rebranding to CSC @ Loyang. 


To commemorate the take over, here are 10 fun facts about this icon that might just tickle your fancy and make you say, 'Wait, why I haven’t booked myself a stay at CSC @ Loyang?"



1. There’s plenty of water fun and tasty treats

Who says chalets are just for kicking back and doing sweet nothing? CSC @ Loyang begs to differ with a splash. Ohana Beach House turns up the tide with a buffet of aqua-adventures —  including stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, outriggers, dinghies, sea cycles and water trampolines — that'll have you paddling, splashing and bouncing over waves like a seaside superstar. 


Once you've hung up your life jacket, it's time to tackle another kind of board — the one that comes loaded with Ohana Beach House's legendary portobello pizza. A side of live tunes ensures your dining experience is as delicious for the ears as it is for the taste buds!



2. It is equipped for your little ones 

Parents can rest easy knowing that a cosy baby cot can be yours with just a quick reservation. And CSC @ Loyang is all about the little details: hot/cold water dispensers for those instant munchkin meals and kid-friendly utensils for your aspiring food critics. It’s a hassle-free haven where tots are treated like the VIPs they truly are!



3. Pets are welcome here

Worry not about leaving your four-legged friend behind when you hit the staycation road. At CSC @ Loyang, like you, your pooch gets a deluxe ticket to paradise. With four spacious dog-friendly chalets — each twice the size of a five-room HDB flat — there's more than enough room for pets of all sizes to sprawl, sprint and socialise. Three of the units come with a common dog run and direct access to the beach, while the garden bungalow offers a standalone dog run. Other features include gated entrances and fences, ozone water washing bays, kennel and even dog beds. And the best part? All breeds are welcome, so from the tiny terriers to the grand Great Danes, it's a tail-wagging good time for all.



4. It has playful plans for kids

Dreading the school holiday hustle to keep the kids engaged? Breathe easy — CSC @ Loyang's FUNcation programme offers a playful palette of activities that'll keep the young ones blissfully busy. Dive into kayaking, enjoy gentle paddle boating and watch magic happen with balloon sculpting. The cherry on top? It's all complimentary for CSC members and chalet guests. Say goodbye to holiday stress and hello to family fun.



5. Enjoy free play for all they want

Fancy some DIY fun? Let your kids dash to the air-conditioned indoor playroom or chase those giggles at the outdoor playground. No apps or chargers necessary.



6. BBQ like a boss

Once rustic, now rocking modern marvels, CSC @ Loyang’s chalets come fitted with top-of-the-line Napoleon grills that'll have BBQ buffs drooling. And for the caffeine addicts? Select chalets come equipped with Nespresso machines to kickstart your mornings with a frothy buzz. Order your BBQ food here:



7. Lather in comfort

Step into the bath spaces at CSC @ Loyang and you'll find a swag of toiletries that’d make any luxury hotel nod in approval. For extras, the Aloha Café offers more than just snacks — it’s the go-to for any additional pampering potions you may need.



8. Choose to connect or disconnect

Whether you're a digital nomad or a board game aficionado, CSC @ Loyang caters to all. Stable Wi-Fi for the tech-savvy and cable TV for channel surfers, or mahjong sets from the Aloha Café for those looking to click and clack their way through the stay.



9. No more parking woes — and you do not have to carpool either

Gone are the days of chalet carpark chaos as a result of inconsiderate — and illegal — parking. Each of the 38 CSC @ Loyang units have access to at least two parking lots; with the larger bungalows being issued three passes.



10. Your electricity bill is pre-paid

Did you know that electricity bills in chalets used to be post-paid? But now, things have changed (and for the better), before you take over your holiday haven, you’ll pay upfront for the electrical bill — no surprises, just frills-free stays.


Pack your bags, grab the sunscreen and prepare for a stay that promises to defy the ordinary. Whether you're here to chill or for thrills, CSC @ Loyang has turned the chalet game on its head. Book your CSC @ Loyang chalet stay here.


  • Did you know members get up to 30% discount for their chalet booking as compared to general public? To know more about membership, you can click here.
  • Main members who sign up or renew their membership get to enjoy 20% OFF FIRST chalet booking with code <FIRSTNEW> within 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024.
  • CSC members get to enjoy 20% OFF for chalet booking during their birthday month with code <HAPPYBDAY> too.
  • CSC offers more than 500 social acitivities to members. For a full list of it, click here.

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