Embracing the wisdom of a well-known adage, "the team that plays together, stays together," the annual STAR Games, organised by the Civil Service Club (CSC), offers a playing field where camaraderie grows hand in hand with competitive spirit. Research supports this synergy, revealing that the teamwork fostered by playing a sport can translate into improved collaboration and performance in the workplace. 


Still undecided about joining? Here are 9 more reasons why you and your colleagues should participate in STAR Games 2024.


1. Interact with officers from other government agencies


The daily grind often limits our interactions, confining us within our departmental bubbles. 
Events like the Public Service Mixed Netball Tournament 2024 — where teams can comprise of players from different agencies — presents a prime opportunity to step out and connect with colleagues across the Public Service. This networking opportunity could prove invaluable both professionally and personally.



2. It’s Everyone’s Game


With more than 50 STAR games, this year’s roster offers fresh additions like archery, kayaking and touch rugby, alongside perennial favourites, including bowling, basketball and badminton. Players of niche sports, such as tchoukball and pickle ball, will also get their chance to shine. 


Additionally, the STAR Games aims to bridge gaps across age, hierarchy and gender. Take, for instance, the Public Service Dart Tournament 2024. The competition encourages inclusive play, mandating at least one female participant in each team for this traditionally male-centric game.


3. Improve Fitness


Participating in the STAR Games equates to adopting a consistent exercise regimen, which hones your athletic skills and fortifies your health. For those with tight schedules, an event like the Public Service Virtual Walk & Run Challenge 2024 can help kickstart the good habit of regular exercise. Simply register and begin brisk walking or running for 150 to 300 minutes every week. This challenge encourages you to progressively accumulate distance throughout February, starting with attainable goals and escalating to more ambitious targets. Every step contributes to your fitness milestones and overall well-being.



4. Cultivate Leadership 


That easy-going, happy-go-lucky team member could surprise you with a transformation into a motivational and tactically astute leader when handed the role of team captain. Studies have found that athletes who are also team leaders enhance not only their cognitive prowess related to game strategies and planning, but also sharpen their communication and interpersonal skills. In essence, the experience that comes with leading a team in sports can equip you with invaluable leadership qualities that are transferable to work scenarios.



5. Boost Workplace Morale 


When the going gets tough at work, it's the camaraderie with colleagues that often propels us forward. This bond is significantly strengthened by the enhanced rapport built among colleagues, who go from workplace acquaintances to valued teammates. 



6. Foster Healthy Rivalry


Friendly competition serves as a catalyst for improvement. Studies have demonstrated that engaging in competition heightens motivation, and enhances overall fitness and mental resilience. This drive not only elevates performance in sporting arenas but also translates into higher productivity and a robust work ethic in the professional sphere.



7. Cultivate a Sense of Community


Every step of the 150 minutes of activity per week (or more) from the Public Service Virtual Walk & Run Challenge 2024 will count to your agency’s achievement in the NSC Public Service Corporate Challenge. The ongoing challenge, which ends in April, pits government agencies against each other in a friendly competition to see whose employees can engage in the most physical activity. Participants can also earn their agency rewards from the Health Promotion Board if they can collectively achieve a weekly target. Such an initiative fosters a robust sense of solidarity and shared purpose among colleagues.



8. Celebrate Athletic Achievements


Earning accolades in the workplace is always gratifying, and similarly, garnering accolades through sports can be equally rewarding. Achieving victory at the STAR Games 2024 not only brings honour to your department but also a profound sense of pride and accomplishment. Look forward to the STAR Games Awards Presentation Ceremony on 6 March 2024, where participating agencies are recognised for their sporting achievements. 



9. Just enjoy the game


It’s the simplest and most obvious reason, but one that might be forgotten amid the hustle of work and daily life: playing a sport is a great way to have fun. Studies highlight the connection between enjoyable activities and an overall happier, more fulfilling life. So, grab the chance to laugh, compete and create lasting memories with your team that go well beyond the playing field.




Interested in signing up for one of the events mentioned? Click on registration links to learn more about the rules and important information.


Public Service Mixed Netball Tournament 2024
Location: Temasek Polytechnic Sports Hall 2
Date and Time: 3 March 2024, 9am to 6pm
HERE by: 16 February 2024 ($42 per team)


Public Service Sepak Takraw (Inter-Regu) Tournament 2024
Location: PERSES Singapore, #04-03, Heartbeat@Bedok 
HERE by: 19 February 2024 ($18 per Regu)


Public Service Virtual Walk & Run Challenge 2024 
Date: 1 to 30 March 2024
HERE by: 28 February 2024


National Step Challenge - Public Service Corporate Challenge
Date: 1 January to 28 April 2024
Register with your
Sports Liaison Officers 


Check out the STAR Games 2024 Calendar HERE



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